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Monday, June 25, 2007

First Day of Camp

Sorry tilt your head. The boys are off to their first day of camp today. I can't believe that both of our boys went on the bus today. I can hardly think of anything else but 2 o'clock when they get back on the bus to come home. Lois -already waitng at 10 a.m.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's been a while

I can't go back and talk about all the stuff I missed, too much has gone on...

Here's a brief summary:
  • I switched jobs, now I'm CFO over at Michy's company. She gave me that title. I'd say I am slowing working toward knowing what's going on after almost 5 months. I don't miss my old job a bit and we are having a great time together. I would love to be working at home more then I am but technologically I'm having trouble. Gotta work on PC Anywhere but who has the time?
  • We've been to Jamaica although we got there a day late due to flight delays and Mich's luggage never made it. That was a really terrible thing because NorthWest kept stringing her along with hope that it would be there any minute. The weather was perfect. We spent our days in the ocean or pool. Ate our meals at the restaurant that "changed food", that's Sam's way of saying it was the same location but at each meal there was different stuff.
  • We've also been to Florida to visit Aunt Marsha and Aunt Bert, Mom came along this time. We went to see the Mouse of course. Dad, Rob and Kate surprised us by coming down on Saturday. Sam was so happy to see Grandpa it was truly priceless. I am so glad that he made that trip.
  • Dad had a pacemaker put in and then had a second surgery that resulted in a stent. He also found out that he has significant heart disease and that he has to be put on a strict medial regiment. It's amazing how this could happen to my healthy dad. Guess I'd better take a look at myself.
  • The kids are amazing as ever! I can't believe we are barreling towards their birthdays again!!! We have the best time with them. More about them soon.....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Change Change Change!!!

Here I sit at home in front of my speedy new Dell working at my new job. Yes, Michy finally talked me into working for her. From home!!!!! Mich keeps calling me CFO and I keep telling people that I am cooking the books but really I'm just here struggling to figure out Quick Books and bookkeeping in general. The scary thing is she says that I am doing a much better job then the person who she fired so that I could have this position. Yikes. It's weird to not go to the office anymore. Last week I went into the city every day to learn about how to do this job and starting Monday I was working from home.

Yesterday was my first partial vacation day, I am class mom of Sam's class and he had a field trip. We went to the Liberty Hall Museum, we were supposed to picnic, pick apples and see antique fire trucks but since it was pouring we ate inside and only saw the trucks. I was in charge of Sam plus two other kids, one I know pretty well and the other I met yesterday. That one kept wandering off, not like there was anywhere to go but I had to keep looking for him. There were many different buildings that we kept moving from and to which required many on and off on the jackets. That was the worst part about the trip, dealing with three wet coats going on and off about 15 times. The kids had a great time though. They are all so cute and I'm so happy that I will be going on all the future trips as well. Next trip is to see Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar in November.

Isaac is in school, I can't believe that my little boy is so big! He has transistioned so well, he says goodbye at the door and runs in the classroom and doesn't look back. His teachers say that he is a wonderful student and seems to enjoy his time there. I am very looking forward to back to school night next week to hear all about it.

Well I better get back to work.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You get what you get...

...and don't get upset. Isn't that a great phrase that Sam came home from camp with. He decided to use it when he was sharing his strawberries with Mich and I. It was so cute.

Summer is rolling along and I again am falling way behind in keeping updated. Here are some random things:
  • Today I am 38
  • Isaac went into camp happily and didn't look back
  • I'm really happy
  • and tired but in a good way
  • Mich is going to Vegas for work for 3 nights while Sue is on vacation leaving me to be a single stay at home mom for that time
  • Sam is so delicious and smart I have to stop myself from taking a bite
  • Michy is really sick, she spent most of the weekend in bed, she even went to the doctor
  • My 20th high school reunion is in two months, I'll go if I can convince myself it's a good thing to spend $120 (a person) on
  • Isaac is still so busy and crazy I am seriously considering a padded suit
  • I love Michy buckets
  • We have plans every night this week
  • I'm especially excited about tomorrow nights plan, gay family night at the Children's Museum of Manhattan
  • We are planning not one but two trips to Disney World

Guess that's all for now.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Dummyhead and Idiot

Yes, these are the new endearing words that my boys have for each other. I really should work on recording Isaac saying dummyhead. If it weren't so bad I'm make him say it for anyone that would listen. When Sam came out with you idiot talking about his dear baby brother, I nearly fell over. Why does this stuff start so soon!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pinch hitting finds Cavities

Yesterday the dentist called home to confirm Mich's 7:00 a.m. appointment. Sue called me to tell me and I in turn called Michy. (I know it's wierd but that's a whole other issue) So, Mich calls me about 2 hours later to say, they won't let me cancel without paying a $75 cancellation fee. So I say, well what if I went for your appointment. I have been lax in going and it's been at least a year so I was due. Now I really don't know why I didn't just say go to your appointment. She loves this dentist so I figured I'd go. Well, they found 3 tiny cavities! They have cool equipment that uses sonic to detect where a cavity is starting. So next Friday I'm going to have them all filled.

I can't believe......

This is my hundredth post. It's good to look back at those 99 posts. It's been more then a year since I've been writing here and I really enjoy it. It's great to put an idea out there even if no one is ever reading or commenting. Great to get it out of my head or off my chest.


We have been reading so many books lately! I love it. It's one of the few things Isaac will sit still for. So, one of the current favorites is Dinosaur Stomp. In it there are many dinosaur names and a few made up words. When I read some of them Sam tells me that I am saying them wrong. So I tell him no and then I sound the word out for him, not that that helps. He insists that I am pronouncing the words incorrectly but what has really happened is that Sue has read it the wrong way so many times he memorized it that way. Then he fights with me about it.

I tell him that I am pronouncing it the correct way at that Sue is incorrect. Mich is so bad, she will say Sam, mommy can read, she is right.

She mispronounces many words, I wish I could remember some right now to share them with you.

What's a mom to do?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Sam the soccer star!

Cute boy in the pool!!
Bubbles, yum!

SO handsome!!!

Joy and tears

Sam loves camp! He ran to the bus without turing back.

Isaac cried the entire time until they got onto the playground for the last 15 minutes.